Klein Curacao

Klein (little) Curacao is a small uninhabited, tropical bounty island with a pristine white beach, crystal clear blue sea, a spectacular reef and colorful sea life. This beautiful island is located approx. 15 miles from Curacao and around 1.7 square kilometers in size and a must visit when you’re staying on Curacao. You’ll find on Klein Curacao one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. So, the question is not really why should you go there, but when?

little curacao
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Why go there?
little curacao
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How do you get there?

Day Trips to this Bounty island

There’s basically one way to get to Klein Curacao and that’s by boat. There are several tour operators that offer full catered boat trips to this fantastic bounty island. Every tour operator offers their own specific package. Visit-klein-curacao.com compared them all so you can make the best possible choice without any hassle.

Should I go or not?

It's a must do for sure!

Wow! This is a perfect way to spend a day on Curacao. We cannot say enough good things about our day to Klein Curacao. The boat and crew, the hot coffee and tea when you arrive on the boat, the gorgeous views on the trip over and back and on the island itself, the beach lounge chairs, the bathrooms on the island, and the breakfast snack and the lunch on the beach (more like a feast). All superb.


Very beautiful site that included an old lighthouse and a ship wreck. The beach is amazing however there were many rocks to overcome when walking to or from the beach. Well worth the visit for sure, don’t forget the sunblock!


One caution – WHERE PLENTY OF SUN SCREEN. Virtually everyone who goes there ends up with some sun burn. Boat there and back is nice. The beach area is particular good for spotting sea turtles. Very good area for snorkeling. Loved It, probably the best thing we did during our week on the island.


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