Klein Curacao Tips

Klein Curacao tips | Top 5 need to know

Klein Curacao tips. The independent Klein Curacao specialist collected the most important things to know. This is what you need to know when you visit the island Klein Curacao. Once you know this, it’s time to Rileks (this is how relax is written in Papiamentu) and enjoy this fantastic bounty island.

Klein Curacao Tips


Tip 1 – Don’t go on Sundays!
Sunday is the busiest day of the week. On Sunday all the tour operators sail to Klein Curacao together with all the private ships present on the island. Ok, but what is the best day to go? Well, on Monday’s the Mermaid and Miss Ann doesn’t sail to Klein Curacao. So, 150 to 175 people less on the island. Therefore, we think Monday is the best day. Compare all the day trips and prices here.


Tip 2 – Preventive measures seasickness
When you board a boat there is a change you get seasick. But you can take preventive measures. Drink mineral water, avoid carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks and nicotine. Take a good breakfast in the morning and take food that is high in energy. Make sure you are well rested. And if you know it will bother you: take a pill against seasickness in advance. Oh, and if you go with a big boat like the Mermaid or Miss Ann. Do not sit at the top! Downstairs you experience less movement.


Tip 3 – Take a waterproof bag with you
Bring a waterproof bag in case you take expensive electronics with you. With every tour operator, people and belongings (like bags) are brought to the beach with a small rubber speed boat, a so-called Dingi. Normally it goes ok but you want to prevent dropping your new iPhone in the water when getting in or out the Dingi.


Tip 4 – Explore the island!
Please, don’t just stay in the water or on the beach. Explore the island! Bring your camera and walk up to the lighthouse. From the beach it’s a 20 minute walk to the lighthouse. After you visit to the lighthouse walk to the other end of the island to visit the shipwrecks. Really, it’s worth it to explore the island a bit!


Tip 5 – Probably the best tip. Book your day trip in advance!
The day trips to Klein Curacao are very popular. Therefore it’s not wise to wait until you arrive in Curacao before you secure your spot! The chance that it’s sold-out when you wait too long is real and it would be a shame if you can’t go. And, why wait? We’re partner of a big online ticket company where you can book your tickets easily online and for the best price! Prevent disappointment and book your trip now!

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Please don’t forget also the obvious!
Bring enough sun cream and start using it when you board the boat for departure. Use it often! The sun is killing and because of the wind you won’t notice the sun burn until it’s too late. Drink enough water, be careful with too much alcohol and bring a hat.


You want to know the prices of the several tour operators and need help which one to choose? As the independent Klein Curacao specialist we wrote an article about it called ‘Klein Curacao trip prices and cheapest rates’.

Book your boat trip now and your spot is guaranteed!